For over 15 years, Koen has worked on films, video games and commercials. With experience on more than 40 features, 3 AAA game titles and a long list of commercials under his belt, he brings the knowledge and enthusiasm you would expect from a veteran entertainment professional. Please take a look at the IMDB, LinkedIn, and Vimeo pages as well as his extensive resume below.

Koen Wooten                                        

Email:          Cell: (512) 796-6111

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Cinematic designer / Storyboard Artist   

Freelance                                                                                April 2014- Present

  • Creates storyboards for films, commercials, games and music videos
  • Works closely with directors to quickly and clearly illustrate their visions
  • Researches desired camera styles and applies it to all storyboards
  • Uses both traditional and digital mediums to create storyboards

List of Commercials: Microsoft, Toyota, Ford, Armor All, Pepsi, Bank of America and many more.

List of Films, TV and Games: Machete, Hysteria, Longmire, The Messengers, Beneath the Darkness

Murdered: Soul Suspect, Starhawk, In the Shadows, Between King and Queens, The Hitcher


Cinematics Director- Murdered: Soul Suspect   

Airtight Games                                                                        Sept 2012- March 2014                    

  • Directed motion capture and cameras for over 200 cinematics
  • Led a large team cinematic animators through all stages of production
  • Interfaced with the all departments to implement improvements and changes
  • Storyboarded and created previz for a majority of the scenes
  • Scheduled, tracked and managed the cinematic creation process daily
  • Collaborated with the story team to help enhance character performances
  • Led daily cinematic reviews with the creative director
  • Directed voice over sessions


Instructor: Cinematic Design / Storyboards

DigiPen Institute of technology                                                Jan 2014- April 2014

  • Teaches camera design, scene structure and storyboarding techniques
  • Reviews students’ work and provides focused feedback
  • Helps to troubleshoot issues for student projects
  • Works with other instructors to evaluate the students’ progress


Senior Writer – DOOM 4

id Software                                                                                    Nov 2009 – Feb 2012

  • Worked with various directors to create screenplays for cinematics
  • Interfaced with the design team to create compelling in-game dialogue
  • Brainstormed key character moments with the game director and art director
  • Worked with the Design Director to explore various narrative scenarios
  • Created a dense character bible


Cinematics Designer / Writer – StarHawk

Lightbox Interactive                                                                        Jan 2011- Jan 2012

  • Designed the cameras and dialogue for over a dozen 2D cinematics
  • Designed and laid out cameras for over 90, 3D (in-engine) cinematics
  • Worked with the creative director and art team to fine tune the 2D cinematics
  • Wrote cinematics using a preexisting story, environments and characters
  • Worked with actors at all V.O. shoots
  • Prepped dialogue and cinematics for the V.O. shoots


Camera Layout Artist/ Storyboard Artist/ Production Designer

Spiderwood Studios                                                                         Jan 2008 – Feb 2009

  • Created storyboards under the director’s supervision
  • Laid out cameras using Maya
  • Concepted a large portion of the environment and characters
  • Helped to design the visual language of the project
  • Interfaced with the director and writer on a regular basis
  • Worked with the animators and editor to create animatics


Art Department Lead

Film Industry                                                                                    Mar 1998 – May 2009

  • Over 40 films working in the art department
  • Worked with directors and producers to create high quality art assets
  • Created and maintained large department budgets
  • Scheduled and managed in-house artist and outsource companies
  • Operated under very tight timelines
  • Worked with clearance and legal teams to place products in films
  • Researched and created concepts for art assets
  • Worked directly to affect the overall look of the project
  • Production designed films, commercials and music videos



Motionbuilder, Maya, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Perforce, Final Draft, Photoshop, After Effects, Word, Excel, Unreal Engine 3,

Illustrator, Storyboard Pro, Zbrush, Unity, Powerpoint, Xsens Capture System, Outlook


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